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Our Promise To You

At Precision Physical Therapy we are committed to serving the health and wellness needs of our community.  We provide high quality One on One treatment sessions in order to focus on each and every patient's individual needs.  We empower our patients through education and motivation to overcome their limitations and return to doing the things they love!


Every exercise program is thoughtfully crafted for each patient.

"There is no one perfect exercise that is 
appropriate for everybody, therefore it is important to design an exercise program for each patient based on their individual goals, needs and limitations"

Lower Back Pain

We treat Low Back Pain with a "Holistic Approach." Back pain is a very complicated problem and requires a skilled evaluation and a carefully designed treatment program that consists of exercise, education and manual therapies. 


We help people recover from all surgeries including:

Total Joint replacement

Rotator Cuff Repair

Recovery after Fracture

Achilles Tear Repair

Chronic Pain Treatment

Dr. Katsnelson is a specialist in working with chronic pain patients.  The approach we take when treating chronic pain is to look at the whole picture.  We look at all of the factors that can affect the person on all levels including physical and emotional.

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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a very complex joint.  It has a variety of potential sources of dysfunction and at Precision Physical Therapy we approach the shoulder from all angles including postural syndromes and special testing to determine the cause of pain. .

See Dr. Katsnelson's Shoulder Lecture


We are always available for Telehealth Visits through our Virtual Office Platform.  Most insurances now cover Telehealth for Physical Therapy Evaluations and Treatments. 

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We are available to make house calls in the local area surrounding our clinic for patients that are not able to make it to see us in person.

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Dr. Eugene Katsnelson PT, DPT

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Dr. Eugene Katsnelson PT, DPT

Eugene Katsnelson has been involved in Physical Therapy since 1996 when he started working at a local clinic as a Fair Lawn High School Student.  He graduated with his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Hartford and then earned his Doctorate Degree from Regis University in Denver Colorado.  Eugene continues to learn from the leading experts to best serve his patients. He is active with the NJ chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association by being a part of the Opiod Taskforce and has been a Member of the APTA since 2003.  Dr. Katsnelson has a particular interest in Chronic Pain Treatment and Sports Injury Rehabilitation. 

Our Staff
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