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Improving Your Jump Height in Ballet

Is there a secret to improving jump height while performing a grand jeté in ballet class? Whether you are in a ballet, hip hop, jazz or contemporary dance class, jumping involves a lot of hard work and hours of practice, sometimes having to work through injuries.

How do dancers prepare for a perfect grand jeté? First, they start by building and maintaining strength and flexibility. Dancers need to focus on strengthening their glutes and leg muscles, however a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that includes upper body AND core exercises would be ideal.

Plyometric exercises are explosive jumping or hopping drills that combine strength and speed. Jumping is an explosive movement that can be improved with the proper training. Strength and power training can be incorporated into a physical therapy program to help you become a better jumper, both in class and onstage. Sports-specific movements such as jumping and landing with proper technique using your plié with taking off and landing will also improve grand jeté.

Some exercises such as squats, deadlifts and box jumps will help prepare you for higher vertical jumping. A physical therapy evaluation and treatment can help you on your way to jump effortlessly. Most importantly, strengthening and physical therapy can improve a dancer’s confidence, and decrease risk of injury!

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